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£342.46£1,368.18 inc. VAT

The Tora Mitred is a timeless, classic towel rail with stainless steel generously proportioned heated rails for hanging large luxurious towels

The Tora Mitred is a timeless, classic towel rail with stainless steel generously proportioned heated rails for hanging large luxurious towels



•20-Year Warranty
•Available in 15 size options
•Available in Brushed Matt and Polished Finishes
•Also available in beautiful Gold, Black, Bronze, Antique Bronze, Copper and Rose Gold physical vapour deposition (PVD) finishes
•Stainless Steel high-output design
•We recommend pipework is not installed until receipt of radiator
•Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery on all variants in this range*
•*Selected models available as stocked items: TOR410-7M and T510-7M in Brushed Matt and Polished finishes

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1032mm High x 400mm Wide, 1032mm High x 500mm Wide, 1032mm High x 600mm Wide, 1172mm High x 400mm Wide, 1172mm High x 500mm Wide, 1172mm High x 600mm Wide, 1452mm High x 400mm Wide, 1452mm High x 500mm Wide, 1452mm High x 600mm Wide, 1732mm High x 400mm Wide, 1732mm High x 500mm Wide, 1732mm High x 600mm Wide, 752mm High x 400mm Wide, 752mm High x 500mm Wide, 752mm High x 600mm Wide

Manufacturer Code

TOR4075M-ABP, TOR4075M-ABS, TOR4075M-BKP, TOR4075M-BKS, TOR4075M-BP, TOR4075M-BS, TOR4075M-CUP, TOR4075M-CUS, TOR4075M-GP, TOR4075M-GS, TOR4075M-P, TOR4075M-RGP, TOR4075M-RGS, TOR4075M-S, TOR4107M-ABP, TOR4107M-ABS, TOR4107M-BKP, TOR4107M-BKS, TOR4107M-BP, TOR4107M-BS, TOR4107M-CUP, TOR4107M-CUS, TOR4107M-GP, TOR4107M-GS, TOR4107M-P, TOR4107M-RGP, TOR4107M-RGS, TOR4107M-S, TOR4118M-ABP, TOR4118M-ABS, TOR4118M-BKP, TOR4118M-BKS, TOR4118M-BP, TOR4118M-BS, TOR4118M-CUP, TOR4118M-CUS, TOR4118M-GP, TOR4118M-GS, TOR4118M-P, TOR4118M-RGP, TOR4118M-RGS, TOR4118M-S, TOR41410M-ABP, TOR41410M-ABS, TOR41410M-BKP, TOR41410M-BKS, TOR41410M-BP, TOR41410M-BS, TOR41410M-CUP, TOR41410M-CUS, TOR41410M-GP, TOR41410M-GS, TOR41410M-P, TOR41410M-RGP, TOR41410M-RGS, TOR41410M-S, TOR41712M-ABP, TOR41712M-ABS, TOR41712M-BKP, TOR41712M-BKS, TOR41712M-BP, TOR41712M-BS, TOR41712M-CUP, TOR41712M-CUS, TOR41712M-GP, TOR41712M-GS, TOR41712M-P, TOR41712M-RGP, TOR41712M-RGS, TOR41712M-S, TOR5075M-ABP, TOR5075M-ABS, TOR5075M-BKP, TOR5075M-BKS, TOR5075M-BP, TOR5075M-BS, TOR5075M-CUP, TOR5075M-CUS, TOR5075M-GP, TOR5075M-GS, TOR5075M-P, TOR5075M-RGP, TOR5075M-RGS, TOR5075M-S, TOR5107M-ABP, TOR5107M-ABS, TOR5107M-BKP, TOR5107M-BKS, TOR5107M-BP, TOR5107M-BS, TOR5107M-CUP, TOR5107M-CUS, TOR5107M-GP, TOR5107M-GS, TOR5107M-P, TOR5107M-RGP, TOR5107M-RGS, TOR5107M-S, TOR5118M-ABP, TOR5118M-ABS, TOR5118M-BKP, TOR5118M-BKS, TOR5118M-BP, TOR5118M-BS, TOR5118M-CUP, TOR5118M-CUS, TOR5118M-GP, TOR5118M-GS, TOR5118M-P, TOR5118M-RGP, TOR5118M-RGS, TOR5118M-S, TOR51410M-ABP, TOR51410M-ABS, TOR51410M-BKP, TOR51410M-BKS, TOR51410M-BP, TOR51410M-BS, TOR51410M-CUP, TOR51410M-CUS, TOR51410M-GP, TOR51410M-GS, TOR51410M-P, TOR51410M-RGP, TOR51410M-RGS, TOR51410M-S, TOR51712M-ABP, TOR51712M-ABS, TOR51712M-BKP, TOR51712M-BKS, TOR51712M-BP, TOR51712M-BS, TOR51712M-CUP, TOR51712M-CUS, TOR51712M-GP, TOR51712M-GS, TOR51712M-P, TOR51712M-RGP, TOR51712M-RGS, TOR51712M-S, TOR6075M-ABP, TOR6075M-ABS, TOR6075M-BKP, TOR6075M-BKS, TOR6075M-BP, TOR6075M-BS, TOR6075M-CUP, TOR6075M-CUS, TOR6075M-GP, TOR6075M-GS, TOR6075M-P, TOR6075M-RGP, TOR6075M-RGS, TOR6075M-S, TOR6107M-ABP, TOR6107M-ABS, TOR6107M-BKP, TOR6107M-BKS, TOR6107M-BP, TOR6107M-BS, TOR6107M-CUP, TOR6107M-CUS, TOR6107M-GP, TOR6107M-GS, TOR6107M-P, TOR6107M-RGP, TOR6107M-RGS, TOR6107M-S, TOR6118M-ABP, TOR6118M-ABS, TOR6118M-BKP, TOR6118M-BKS, TOR6118M-BP, TOR6118M-BS, TOR6118M-CUP, TOR6118M-CUS, TOR6118M-GP, TOR6118M-GS, TOR6118M-P, TOR6118M-RGP, TOR6118M-RGS, TOR6118M-S, TOR61410M-ABP, TOR61410M-ABS, TOR61410M-BKP, TOR61410M-BKS, TOR61410M-BP, TOR61410M-BS, TOR61410M-CUP, TOR61410M-CUS, TOR61410M-GP, TOR61410M-GS, TOR61410M-P, TOR61410M-RGP, TOR61410M-RGS, TOR61410M-S, TOR61712M-ABP, TOR61712M-ABS, TOR61712M-BKP, TOR61712M-BKS, TOR61712M-BP, TOR61712M-BS, TOR61712M-CUP, TOR61712M-CUS, TOR61712M-GP, TOR61712M-GS, TOR61712M-P, TOR61712M-RGP, TOR61712M-RGS, TOR61712M-S, TORA MITRED


Antique Bronze Brushed Matt PVD, Antique Bronze Polished PVD, Black Brushed Matt PVD, Black Polished PVD, Bronze Brushed Matt PVD, Bronze Polished PVD, Brushed Matt, Copper Brushed Matt PVD, Copper Polished PVD, Gold Brushed Matt PVD, Gold Polished PVD, Polished, Rose Gold Brushed Matt PVD, Rose Gold Polished PVD


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