Biasi BI1161100 DHW Heat Exchanger

SKU: BI1161100

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Suitable for following appliances:

• M110.24SM/C
• M110B.32SM/C
• M90E.24S
• M90E.28S
• M110.24SM/E White
• M110.32SM/E White
• M110.32SM/C
• M110B.24SM/C
• M90E.32S

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This Biasi domestic hot water exchanger is for use in Biasi Garda HE Plus, Riva Advance and Riva Compact boilers. The heat exchanger transfers heat from a boiler's burner to water. A primary heat exchanger is found in all boilers, using heat from a burner to raise the temperature of the water in the system. A secondary heat exchanger is present only in Combis and allows the heat to be transferred between closed systems.

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