Honeywell 42005748-001 Wiring Centre

Honeywell 42005748-001 Wiring Centre


Product Code: 42005748-001

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Honeywell 42005748-001 Wiring Centre

  • Dedicated terminal block for each system component.
  • One wire per terminal connection.
  • No wiring diagrams or additional instructions required.
  • On-the-board fuse plus spare.
  • Strong, fire retardant ABS box.
  • Designed to comply with BS3955.
  • Suitable for Sundial C, S and Y Plans.
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The Sundial Plan Wiring Centre has been designed to simplify the wiring of central heating installations using Sundial C, S or Y Plan control systems and programmers or time switches. The terminal connections are clearlydentified and provision is made for basic boilers and for boilers with built-in pump over-run operation.

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Hi -  I desperately need honeywell circuit wiring board 42005748-001 - How fast can I get please


Thank you for your enquiry - Please find the page link for the Honeywell 42005748-001 Wiring Centre
which is a stock item and normally next working day delivery via UPS couriers.