Heatrae Electroheat Amptec Electric Boiler 900

Heatrae Electroheat Amptec Electric Boiler 900


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Heatrae Electroheat Amptec Electric Boiler 900

  • Heatrae Electroheat Amptec Electric Boiler 900
  • Boiler Output: 9.0kw
  • Height:1050mm -Width: 90mm -Depth: 90mm
  • Electric flow boiler for wet central heating systems.
  • Domestic hot water is available via an indirect cylinder.
  • Can be used in pressurised installations or open vented systems.
  • No flue or fuel tank required, so it can be mounted anywhere.
  • Quiet in operation.
  • Operates from standard programmer's, room thermostats, etc.
  • Pump run-on facility.
  • Solid-state technology enables zero volt switching.
  • Soft start and soft modulation.
  • Front panel operation indicators.
  • User adjustment of the operating temperature on the front panel.
  • Self check every time it operates.
  • Optical isolation to enable connection of more boilers on single or 3 phase supply.
  • Electrical tails termination's inside the boiler.
  • Safety trip for no water or no flow.

Whether in rural areas, new housing projects, in multi-floor dwellings or in one of over 2 million homes in Britain with no mains gas supply, Amptecelectric flow boilers offer the comfort and convenience of wet central heating and hot water supply, wherever there is mains electricity. Amptecelectric flow boilers are sized to efficiently meet a wide range of different needs, from a mobile home up to a family house and include an 11kW model designed to match the rating of existing domestic electrical power supplies. In rented property, gas applications must have annual maintenance checks by law. The Amptec electric flow boiler offers a maintenance free alternative for heating and hot water, combining safety with low running costs.

Amptecflow boilers are powered by clean, green and silent electricity to supply wet central heating and domestic hot water. They include an onboard microchip control system to regulate the output water temperature and to provide power modulation for maximum efficiency at minimum running costs.

Research and development
Electroheat Plc have made electric central heating a cost effective reality. The company research and development programme is investing in the future of electric powered heating systems for a greener, cleaner environment.



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