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Extractor Fan Series: Which Bathroom Extractor Fan is Best For My Home?

There are so many options and features available to suit different needs and budgets. Take a look at the overview below:

No-noise extractor fans

The most common complaint made about extractor fans is that they make too much noise.  If this is something that might bother you there are a range of no noise options that could be best for you. These fans have been specially designed to minimise noise, thanks to their silent running ball bearing motors. The sound they make is measured on the decibel scale and can be as low as 30dB – the equivalent of a whisper.

Ideal for en-suite bathrooms where you don’t want a rattling fan keeping you up at night.

Over-shower extractor fans

It’s best to position an extractor fan as close to the source of moisture as possible. Most people would choose over their shower enclosure and bath. However, as bathroom fans are an electrical item, it is vital that you ensure you have the correct IP rating for the particular bathroom zone.

Extractor fans with timers, sensors & cords

The array of timers and sensors on extractor fans make for some great extra touches for you to choose from.

One of the most useful is the humidity sensor – or ‘humidistat. These automatically detect moisture in the air and switch themselves on, meaning you can rest assured that your bathroom is being taken care of.

Extractor fans with timers are also very popular, as they keep running for a set number of minutes after they have been turned on. This is an ideal choice as they continue to empty your room of steam after you have left the shower.

Timed fans are also ideal for those who want to connect theirs to their light switch. However, you can also find extractor fans with a built-in light, if rewiring to your light switch seems like too much work.

Models with pull cords are still available for you to control as you like.

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