22MM Scalemaster Magnetic Gold Scale Inhibitor
Daw Scalemaster

22MM Scalemaster Magnetic Gold Scale Inhibitor

Daw Scalemaster

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22MM Scalemaster Magnetic Gold Scale Inhibitor

  • 3 year guarantee.
  • Requires no power source - therefore there are no running costs.
  • Metal body - earth bonding unnecessary.
  • Suitable for individual appliance protection only..
  • datasheet for scalemaster magnetic

Scalemaster Magnetic products work by charging scale particles from the of passing cold hard water over multipole magnets under turbulent conditions. Such action causes tiny scale crystals to adhere to each other, altering their size and shape rendering them less capable of attaching to plumbing and remain harmlessly suspended within the water. As the modification is temporary, with the effect wearing off quickly in stored water, we do not recommend Magnetic treatment of water for whole house protection.

Scalemaster Magnetic is designed for individual appliance protection, i.e Combination Boilers & Showers where magnetically treated water is not stored for later use.

Operating Instructions.
Designed for cold water application temperature 1°C - 40°C. Do not allow to freeze. Pressure tested to 14 bar. Maximum working pressure 8 bar.