Wiseman Everflux Large

Wiseman Everflux Large


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Wiseman Everflux Large

  • Soluble in hot and cold  water
  • Non Stick formulation allows easy joint adjustment after fluxing
  • Ideal for use with Leaded  and Unleaded Solder with its high melting threshold
  • Fast acting - cleans as it solders
  • Low odour formulation helps  provide an improved working environment
  • Standards met: BS6891, MARC  Solubility, DIN 851, ASTM B813/93, Water, Central Heating and Gas Services.
  • WRAS Listed BS6920 by the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme as a material which has passed full tests of  effect on water quality Directory Reference number 9908510
  • Manufactured in the UK to  ISO 9001, exported throughout the world.