Watermill Surrey Flange 15mm X 1" BSP

Watermill Surrey Flange 15mm X 1" BSP


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Watermill Surrey Flange 15mm X 1" BSP

15mm Surrey Flange to suit Cylinder outlet 1" BSP female. Suited to pumps up to 1.5 bar pressure.

  • No Shower system is complete without one.
  • Provides independent air free supply of hot water.
  • Automatic air vent - Unique to Watermill.
  • Ease of Installation.
  • No holes to cut.
  • No draining down of cylinder.
  • Improves performance of all showers.
  • See below for Surrey Flange installation Instructions.

Considered to be an industry standard, the Surrey Flange is designed to provide an independent hot water supply from an "air free" position within the cylinder and will dramatically reduce air surging, noise and temperature variations.

With the inclusion of an air vent within the main body, the surrey flange automatically purges the shower circuit preventing an accumalation of air in the hot water shower feed (patent applied for). The vent automatically traps and releases air, preventing back feed of aerated hot water.