Aqua Dial Scale Reducers And Inhibitors

Aqua-Dial Combi-Care uses a dilute form of polyphosphate which bonds with the scale causing minerals in the water making them soluble with the remaining hard minerals staying in the solution. The Aqua-Dial Combi-Care permanently prevents precipitation of calcium scale as well as protection against corrosion with a 12 month cartridge life. The Aqua-Dial Ceramic Magnetic Scale Reducer offers whole house scale protection. Suitable for immersion heaters, hot water cylinders and heaters, combi boilers and electric showers.

Aqua Dial 15mm Combi-Care Compact
Aqua Dial
Price: £65.92
Aqua Dial 22mm Combi-Care Compact
Aqua Dial
Price: £85.02
Aqua Dial Combi-Care Refill Cartridge
Aqua Dial
Price: £30.30