Uponor Unipipe Small Area Pack (Up To 14m2)

Uponor Unipipe Small Area Pack (Up To 14m2)


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Uponor Unipipe Small Area Pack (Up To 14m2)

Quick and easy to install. No pumps and no manifolds. Plumbs into existing radiator system. Suitable for Screeded Floor Extensions & Conservatories up to 14m2.


  • 1 x 75 Metre Coil of 15mm Unipipe.
  • 1 x Return Limiting Valve.
  • 1 x Roll Edging Insulation.
  • 1 x Box of Fixing Clips.
  • 1 x Connections Pack 
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Underfloor Heating has a range of benefits for you and your home:

Comfort - Underfloor Heating heats from the floor upwards allowing an even distribution of heat and maximising comfort levels. With radiators, heat stays around head height and can cause discomfort.
Ease of control - The small temperature difference between the floor and the air above means the system is practically self-regulating. And with our individual room control, you can regulate the temperature of each room in your home.
Cost Effectiveness - Underfloor Heating can result in a 15-40% energy saving over traditional heating methods.
Space & Aesthetics - By using Underfloor Heating you can gain more useable space when compared to traditional heating methods. With Underfloor Heating wet floors dry quicker and the peeling of wallpaper and discolouration of paint is prevented.
Silence - Compared to radiators, there is no noise with Underfloor Heating.
Hygiene - Underfloor Heating helps to reduce the number of dust mites in your home because moisture content levels are too low. This can aid sufferers of asthma and other breathing complications.


Taking the mystery out of Underfloor Heating...
...Your Questions Answered

Why UFH?
Because Underfloor Heating runs at a lower temperature than radiators, around 45oC, you'll benefit from reduced running costs and higher efficiency. In fact you could see a 15-40% reduction in running costs!
Unlike radiators there are no high temperature surfaces or sharp edges which can cause injury. The low floor surface temperature (around 27oC) results in an extremely comfortable, luxurious environment that is completely safe.

Is it more expensive than Radiators to install?
Underfloor Heating is generally more expensive to install. However, bearing in mind the lower running costs, higher comfort and added value to the building, the initial expense is more than justified.

What happens if there is a leak under the floor?
With Uponor Underfloor Heating there are no joints under the floor, a continuous circuit of pipe is laid from the flow and return sections of the manifold. A high-pressure test (above the normal running pressure) is completed before the floor is laid. Our pipes are put through the highest possible quality control procedures, including high-pressure tests for every metre produced during the manufacturing process.

Can we use both Underfloor Heating and Radiators?
Yes, our control systems allow for hotter water for radiators and towel rails, whilst warm water is provided for the floor system.

Is Underfloor Heating left on all the time?
No, we can provide controls that allow you to choose when you want your heating on, off or set-back (reduced temperature setting)

What Floor Coverings can we use?
You can use most types of coverings including tiles, vinyl, wood, stone and carpet. Carpet and underlay should not exceed a combined Tog value of 1.5

Is Underfloor Heating suitable for Old Buildings or Restorations?
Underfloor Heating is ideal for this type of use. You will have to either lift the floorboards or raise the floors in height slightly to accommodate the pipes and insulation, installation is subject to sufficient upgrade of building insulation.