Titanium 27" Immersion & RDT Thermostat

Titanium 27" Immersion & RDT Thermostat


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Titanium 27" Immersion & RDT Thermostat

Titanium 27" Copper Immersion & RDT Thermostat 240 Volt 3 kw

  • Titanium-sheathed for hard and very aggressive water conditions.
  • Normally Top of Cylinder Entry for this size immersion.
  • A range of 3kW immersion heaters
    suitable as the sole heat source or for use
    in association with an indirect heating coil.
  • Fitted with RDT combined thermostat
    and re-settable safety cut-out.

Titanium Immersion Heaters

Long Life Titanium Immersion Heaters. Our Titanium
Immersion Heater sets a new standard for operational life ? even
in the hardest or most aggressive water conditions.
Hard and aggressive water. Problems with water quality
continue to grow. Hard and aggressive water can substantially
reduce the life and effectiveness of a standard immersion heater.
As scale builds up, it takes longer to transfer heat to the water
and can cause early element failure.
Aggressive water can attack and corrode conventional
immersion heaters resulting in premature failure.
FIT THE BEST ? FIT TITANIUM. Titanium?s strength, weight and
smooth finish enables it to withstand extreme stress, fluctuating
temperatures and corrosive environments.
Heatrae Sadia?s Titanium Immersion Heaters are the most
reliable and cost-effective solution for hard and aggressive
water applications.
To underline the effectiveness of Titanium, Heatrae Sadia offers
an impressive five-year guarantee giving users absolute peace
of mind.