Sunvic Room Thermostat TLX2251

Sunvic Room Thermostat TLX2251


Product Code: TLX 2251

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Sunvic Room Thermostat TLX2251

Sunvic TLX 2251 Room Thermostat

  • Low voltage model - to control warm air heating etc.
  • Temperature Range: 3° to 27°C
  • Operating Voltages: 24Vac
  • Current Rating: 1 Amp
  • Switch Type: SPST (Single Pole, Single Throw)
  • High Specification & reliability
  • Wide range available to suit all applications
  • Models available for 240V and 24V applications
  • Reliable temperature control via built-in Accelerator Heater
  • Adjustable Range Stops
  • Tamperproof Models

The Sunvic TLX Room Thermostat is renowned for its high specification and reputation for accuracy and reliability and is suitable for light and medium duty applications up to a maximum loading of 6 amps, incorporating either a single pole, single throw (On/Off) switch or a single pole, double throw ( Changeover) switch. The bimetal strip mechanism incorporates an Accelerator Heater which, in effect, anticipates changes in air temperature thereby ensuring rapid and accurate temperature control. This not only results in better and more consistent comfort conditions, but also improves system efficiency and reduces running costs.

The TLX Thermostats are available for applications ranging from the control of boilers, fans, relays and air conditioning equipment, or other devices requiring On/Off or Changeover switching. TLX Room Thermostats are supplied with a steel base plate which is suitable for surface mounting or will fit to standard conduit boxes.