Smiths Hydroflame Elite Inset - Chrome

Smiths Hydroflame Elite Inset - Chrome


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Smiths Hydroflame Elite Inset - Chrome

Smiths Hydroflame Elite Inset Flame Effect Fan Convector - Chrome

A flame-effect fan convector that runs off the central heating system, but with all the visual appeal of a real fire – a beautiful feature in any room. Efficient, cost effective and totally safe, with no harmful discharges. Ideal for children and the elderly because there are no flames or hot surfaces.

Fireplace surrounds, designed specifically for use with Hydroflame, are available for all Elite or Classic Inset models.

How Hydroflame Works.
Flame-effect fan convectors require connection to the wet central heating system and an electrical connection to run the flame-effect and fan.

Hot water from the central heating system passes through a heat exchanger and transfers its heat to the aluminium fins.

Cooler air is drawn in at floor level and used to create the flame effect. The air is heated as it passes over the heat exchanger, a patented process that creates a realistic flame-effect, and then expelled gently back into the room. This gives a more even temperature and will heat a room in much less time than a traditional panel radiator.

The fan will not come into operation until the central heating system water passing through the heat exchanger reaches 40°C (or the temperature set by the installer). This ensures that cooler air is not circulated at start up and allows Hydroflame to switch on and off automatically in conjunction with the central heating system.

Dual models include an electric heating element – ideal in spring and summer when you may need a quick warm up but the central heating system is switched off.