Siemens RWB30E 1 Channel 1 Circuit Timeswitch

Siemens RWB30E 1 Channel 1 Circuit Timeswitch


Product Code: RWB 30

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Siemens RWB30E 1 Channel 1 Circuit Timeswitch

  • Channel.
  • Daily.
  • 2 daily on/off.
  • 1 hour boost.
  • Manual override.
  • Battery backup.

The RWB30E is a combined mechanical and microprocessor based product designed to provide better control of a combination or single zone application.

The RWB30E offers a choice of two ON/OFF periods per day and the ability to programme past midnight i.e., the last OFF can be almost 24 hours after the first ON. In conjunction with appropriate thermostats and motorised valves they can be used, in any type of low amperage heating installations, to provide total time and temperature control.

Attractively designed and compact in size, the RWB30E timeswitch can be easily installed in any convenient position in the home. The timeswitch is double insulated and is of a clip-on design. In the event of power failure the RWB30E will remember its last state i.e. ON or OFF.

The timing for each operating period is set on a 24-hour dial using 4 easily adjusted tappets, which are mounted on the periphery of the dial. Selection of the desired start and stop times for the operating period(s) is simplified by individual numbering and colour coding of the tappets. The selected programme can be manually overridden, at any time, by operation of the override selector which protrudes through the fascia. The timeswitch reverts back to the set programme automatically at the start of the next operating period or can be manually reset by a further press of the override.

The RWB30E also uniquely brings to electromechnical units the additional feature of a 1 hour boost to the circuit being controlled. A LED is installed to give a visual signal to the user of the operating condition of the system.