Siemens RWB2E 10 Or 16 Options Programmer

Siemens RWB2E 10 Or 16 Options Programmer


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Siemens RWB2E 10 Or 16 Options Programmer

  • 2 Channel.
  • Daily.
  • 2 daily on/off.
  • 1 hour boost.
  • Manual override.

The RWB2e is a programmer designed to provide individual time control of domestic central heating systems and hot water supply. In conjunction with appropriate thermostats (room/cylinder) and motorised valve(s), it can also be used in most types of domestic heating installation to provide time/temperature control.

Attractively designed and compact in size, the RWB2e programmer can be easily installed in any convenient position in the home. It is a double insulated unit of a clip-on design.

The central heating and hot water electrical circuits are controlled by two independent changeover microswitches, the operation of which is determined by the programme settings.

A unique feature of the programmer is its facility to give either 10 or 16 programmes, the choice being determined by the type of heating systems installed. Selection of the programme range is made by means of a two-position adjuster located in the rear of the unit.

Programmes within either range are achieved by individual adjustment of two 4-position sliders, one for central heating, one for hot water. Either slider can be set to provide constant central heating and/ or hot water supply, permanently off or with one or two operating periods per day for either circuit. The timing for each operating period is set on the 24-hour dial using 4 easily adjusted tappets, which are mounted on the periphery of the dial. Selection of the desired start and stop times for the operating period(s) is simplified by individual numbering and colour coding of the tappets.

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Hi –  I am looking for a replacement for a Landis & Gyr type RWB2. Which of your
stock items do you recommend a replacement. It would also be useful if I'm
able to reuse the current backplate but this is not essential.


Thank you for your enquiry - Please find product page link for the Siemens Mechanical RWB2E
which is a direct replacement for the RWB2 (same backplate & wiring)
Alternatively you can also use the RWB29