Sentinel X300 Universal Cleanser 1 Litre

Sentinel X300 Universal Cleanser 1 Litre


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Sentinel X300 Universal Cleanser 1 Litre

  • Flushes out flux and installation debris from new indirect central heating systems and those up to 6 months old.
  • An essential remedy against scale and sludge.
  • Powerful, heavy duty cleaning action.
  • Eliminates corrosive flux residues which could give rise to rapid pin-holing corrosion of radiators.
  • Prevents harmful copper deposits being left in the system.
  • An ideal preparation for X100 Inhibitor.
  • Sentinel X300 Data Sheet.

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Sentinel X300 has been formulated as a cleansing aid for new central heating systems and those up to 6 months old. It will effectively remove excess flux residues, greases, oily contaminants, sludge and installation debris.

Sentinel X300 passivates the metal surfaces in the system and helps prevent copper deposition, which frequently causes severe pin-hole corrosion in radiators.

Sentinel X300 is a neutral formulation which can be used in all types of indirect heating systems inlcuding those containing aluminium components.


Sentinel X300 should be dosed at 1% of system volume, i.e., 1 litre per 100 litres of system water. If the system is new, this should be at the time it is first filled. Sentinel X300 should be circulated with all valves open for a minimum period of one hour. Warming the water will aid the process.

Drain and flush the system before refilling and treating with Sentinel X100 inhibitor or Sentinel X500 inhibited antifreeze.


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Hello - I am interested in importing 3 litres of Sentinel X300 and 3 litres of Sentinel X100. Destination is Viersen in Germany, Please can you give me the information about shipping costs and total amount of products incl. VAT.


Thank you for your enquiry - Unfortunately we cannot send liquid
chemicals or pressurised containers outside of Mainland UK.