Sentinel Rapid Dose X400 Sludge Remover

Sentinel Rapid Dose X400 Sludge Remover


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Sentinel Rapid Dose X400 Sludge Remover

Sentinel X400 Sludge Remover RAPID DOSE - 400ml Aerosol

  • Restores systems with circulation problems.
  • Eliminates radiator cold spots.
  • Can be used in all systems.
  • Prepares existing systems for the installation of new boilers, pumps or panels.
  • Does not cause pin-holing or leaks.
  • RAPID-DOSE™ discharges the contents of the can into the system in seconds.
  • One 400ml can is sufficient to treat a normal domestic system.
  • Propellant is simply compressed air.
  • Sentinel X400 Data Sheet.

RAPID-DOSE X400 Sludge Remover.
Specifically designed for existing systems Sentinel Rapid-Dose X400 Sludge Remover is a non-acid treatment for cleaning older heating systems, restoring circulation to radiators and pipework. A ruthlessly efficient way to eliminate the build-up of magnetite sludge, Rapid-Dose X400 is the quick and easy way to eliminate cold spots and restore full heat emission.

RAPID-DOSE™ is a system designed to make the dosing of Sentinel's tried and tested performance water treatments chemicals into a central heating system quick, clean and easy. The contents of the can are easily discharged using one of the RAPID-DOSE adaptors, available separately or as a complete kit, offering flexibility depending on the job you're doing.