Sentinel Rapid Dose X200 Noise Reducer

Sentinel Rapid Dose X200 Noise Reducer


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Sentinel Rapid Dose X200 Noise Reducer

Sentinel X200 Noise Reducer RAPID DOSE - 400ml Aerosol

  • Eliminates boiler noise "kettling".
  • Restores boiler efficiency.
  • Safe and non-corrosive.
  • No need to flush - stays in system.
  • RAPID-DOSE discharges the contents of the can into the system in seconds.
  • One 400ml can is sufficient to treat a normal domestic system.
  • Propellant is simply compressed air.
  • Sentinel X200 Data Sheet.

RAPID-DOSE X200 Noise Reducer.
A unique, life-long system treatment for the elimination of limescale and boiler noise. Safe to use in all types of indirect central heating systems, it will quickly pay for itself in reduced fuel usage.

RAPID-DOSE is a system designed to make the dosing of Sentinel's tried and tested performance water treatments chemicals into a central heating system quick, clean and easy. The contents of the can are easily discharged using one of the RAPID-DOSE adaptors, available separately or as a complete kit, offering flexibility depending on the job you're doing.

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Hello.  I require some Sentinel X200 Rapid dose.  Do I need an adaptor / kit to inject it into one of my radiators?  If so do you sell it?


Thank you for your order - I can confirm that the basic plastic adaptors are supplied within the lid of the rapid dose systems.