Sentinel 15/22MM Universal Combiguard

Sentinel 15/22MM Universal Combiguard


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Sentinel 15/22MM Universal Combiguard

  • Simple installation procedure.
  • Prevents scale formation on all critical heat surfaces.
  • Lasts 12 months between cartridge changes.
  • Cartridge change indicator.
  • Sentinel Combiguard Data Sheet.

The Sentinel Combiguard unit provides protection for domestic hot water systems from the effects of scale deposition. It works by proportionally blending a minute amount of polyphosphate into the system water. The polyphosphate suspends the hardness salts thus preventing them from forming scale. The effect is permanent and therefore storage tanks, cylinders, etc. can all be effectively treated. The polyphosphate ingredient is totally safe for use in domestic supply water.

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Hi – I need to puchase a combi care compact scale inhibitor but I am unsure whether I need a 15 mm or 22mm - can you advise how I can check this?


Thank you for your enquiry - Please find product page link for the 15mm Sentinel Combiguard
and for the universal model which covers both 15mm & 22mm.
The sizes refer to the external pipe diametre where the Combiguard will be fitted.