SE20B Bronze Bare Pump
Circulating Pumps

SE20B Bronze Bare Pump

Circulating Pumps

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SE20B Bronze Bare Pump

  • Suitable for domestic, commercial or industrial use.
  • Cast in high quality bronze.
  • Multi speed settings available.
  • Disc induction motor-technology.
  • High ratio torque for low speed start-up.
  • Optimum performance, reliability and maintenance free operation.
  • Alumina ceramic double thrust bearings ensure low noise and high performance.
  • Smooth, flexible output from the double shrouded impeller.
  • Ideal for single or multi-pump networks.
  • For use in new systems or as a replacement.
  • Spare parts available.
  • SE bronze datasheet

General Description. The pumps are of a disc motor design using ceramic shaft and bearings supporting a moulded impeller and rotor. Motor cooling and bearing lubrication is carried out by the pumped water. Most models offer a variable speed setting to allow system requirements to be accurately met.

Design and Function/Safety Devices. The motor windings are impendance protected. A provision for earthing the outer casing is provided.


The pump must not be installed against wood or any other material which may be effected by heat from the pump. Before installing the circulator ensure all soldering/welding adjacent to the pump is complete, the system has been thoroughly flushed out to remove any foreign matter and that vent and feed pipes are positioned so that the pump will not draw in air or pump over. It is advisable to ensure the impeller is free by rotating manually through the outlet.

The pump must be installed with the rotating shaft horizontal.Check the direction of flow indicated by an arrow on the pump casing and install the pump between the isolating valves.

Use approved makes of additives with corrosion inhibitors only. Do not leave system empty without protection from corrosion inhibitors.