Scalemaster CM10 22mm Corrosion Master
Daw Scalemaster

Scalemaster CM10 22mm Corrosion Master

Daw Scalemaster

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Scalemaster CM10 22mm Corrosion Master

  • 10 year maintenance free corrosion protection.
  • Copper body /Chrome plate finish.
  • Installation date label included.
  • 22 & 28mm sizes available.
  • 2 year no quibble guarantee.
  • 10 year life.

Thoroughly flushing out and installing an inhibitor to protect a heating circuit against corrosion has to be seen as good practice and beneficial to the long term health of the system. Doing so however does not always have to mean contributing to the nations chemical waste dump or playing 'the guessing game'.

The 'guessing game'. Using chemicals to protect a heating circuit usually means that the following points need to be considered:

What brand is in there already, if any?
Is it in the right concentration?
What dose should I add?
Will it be too much or too little?
Does it go with Aluminium?
How can I prove it's there and in the correct concentration?

All this in addition to trying to pump a messy liquid into a pressurised system when the Scalemaster solid solution requires only flushing fitting & forgetting with visual evidence that the job has been done.

Normal dispatch 1 – 2 days


Hello – do you have a Scalemaster CM10 in actual stock as I need it soon my postcode is PO21. If in stock when would the item be delivered thanks.


Thank you for your enquiry - Please find product page link for the Corrosion Master CM10
which if ordered before 3.30PM today can be dispatched via UPS couriers tomorrow for
delivery to you Wednesday.