Salamander 22mm SESI Scale Inhibitor

Salamander 22mm SESI Scale Inhibitor


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Salamander 22mm SESI Scale Inhibitor

The SESI is a non polluting electrolytic physical water conditioning process that protects a pipe system from the formation of limescale encrustation and rust deposits (in the case of steel pipes) without the use of chemicals, salt and the need for any electrical power supply.

The SESI works by a natural electrolytic process, with the help of a zinc electrode - without using any magnetic or chemical technical affect on the water - and begins its process immediately after the unit has been installed. Hard salts are encouraged to cling to each other rather than pipework, heating elements etc. The process is not sensitive to low water flow.

Application: Whole house/property - suitable for stored water

Installation: Plumbed in after incoming stopcock

Size range: 15mm - 216mm / ½" - 8"

Technology: Electrolytic


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Hello - I am interested in buying salamander 22mm sesi scale inhibitor. Can you quote me the shipping priceto cyprus and the final product price?


Thank you for your reply - Please find the page link for the salamander 22mm sesi scale inhibitor also for the additional shipping charge for sending this to Cyprus which you will need to add to your basket at time of ordering.