Myson 15MM TRV II Nickel Plated

Myson 15MM TRV II Nickel Plated


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Myson 15MM TRV II Nickel Plated

  • Maximum operating pressure 10 Bar.
  • Maximum operating temperature 120°C.
  • Conforms to BS EN215-1.
  • Sensing element liquid filled.
  • Manufactured to quality system BS EN ISO 9002.
  • TRV 2-Way Brochure

The Myson TRV 2-way is the most complete thermostatic radiator valve range available for today's central heating systems.

Incorporating Myson's unique '2-way' engineering, including the Myson patented 'bonding' technique. The Myson TRV 2-way simplifies installation and removes the worry of costly callbacks.

The Myson TRV 2-way has a liquid sensor fitted at its heart, so the homeowner will be guaranteed years of accurate and trouble-free temperature control, with the advantage of saving up to 17% on their heating bills (government figures). As the homeowner saves money, the environment will benefit from the reduction of harmful gas emissions.