Megalife V120D Direct Hot Water Cylinder 120 Litre

Megalife V120D Direct Hot Water Cylinder 120 Litre


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Megalife V120D Direct Hot Water Cylinder 120 Litre

    These models are designed with a heat exchanging coil inside for use in conjunction with central heating boilers. An electrical heating element and cylinder thermostat are also incorporated in indirect models.
  • Higher flow rates for efficient hot water delivery (Up to 72 l/min)
  • High performance showering -throughout the home
  • Fast-filling baths
  • Quieter mains pressure system (no noisy cistern in the loft)
  • Balanced water pressure - no surprises
  • Fast recover rates (eg. 15 minutes for CL125HE)
  • No fear of frozen loft pipes*
  • Exceeds CHeSS Best Practice for heat recovery and insulation
  • CFC free insulation for maximum heat retention
  • No anode to check or replace
  • Mains feed hygienic hot water
  • Appliance quality, easy-clean finish
  • Long-life Duplex stainless steel interior
  • 25-year transferable cylinder guarantee
  • Patented internal expansion system
  • No external expansion vessel
  • Complete with mains water isolating valve
  • All units are fully factory tested to ensure reliability
  • Neater and quicker installation
  • * Assumes sealed system boiler with Megaflo in frost free position ** Assumes no loft conversion Energy Efficiency Partnership: CHeSS is Central Heating System Specifications
  • Megalife Brochure

Megaflo is the brand leader in unvented domestic water heating.

In addition to the basic advantages of unvented systems, NEW high efficiency Megaflo HE offers a number of features that place it well ahead of the competition in terms of performance, quality and reliability.

The NEW high efficiency Megaflo HE now boasts numerous innovative features designed to ensure superior levels of operating efficiency, delivering even more hot water - just when you need it!

Thanks to the high-performance 'coil in coil' heat exchanger; more hot water is available quicker than ever before.