Megalife V100D Direct Hot Water Cylinder 100 Litre

Megalife V100D Direct Hot Water Cylinder 100 Litre


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Megalife V100D Direct Hot Water Cylinder 100 Litre

    These models are heated entirely by electrical supply.
  • With its ground-breaking 25-year cylinder guarantee, titanium immersion heater element and Duplex stainless steel construction, MegaLife HE really is the ultimate vented hot water cylinder. With a fast recovery coil that can heat up 150 litres of water in under 12 minutes, it sets a demanding new standard in water heating.
  • Transferable 25-year cylinder guarantee.
  • Duplex stainless steel construction.
  • No anode.
  • Fast recovery coil (indirect models).
  • 40 metre (4 bar) maximum working head.
  • Alloy sheathed immersion heaters.
  • Immersion heater and safety cut-out designed to meet latest EU standards.
  • Modern replacement for Cirrus & UDB cylinders.
  • Ideal for use in aggressive water areas.
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MegaLife HE 100/120/150/170/210

Heatrae Sadia has built an unrivalled reputation for developing, manufacturing and
marketing the highest quality products. By offering the widest and most up-to-date
range, we aim to satisfy the most demanding customer needs. Heatrae Sadia's MegaLife
HE is the ultimate vented water heating cylinder, using the highest quality materials, a
fast recovery coil and features a transferable 25-year cylinder guarantee.

The traditional cistern-fed or 'vented
storage water heater has a proven track
record of reliability and safety. The
operating pressure is dictated by the
vertical distance between the water level
in the cistern tank and the bottom of the
heater. The system is intrinsically safe
because the open vent that discharges in
to the cistern tank automatically equalises
any excess pressure or vacuum.

Fast recovery coil
Every indirect MegaLife HE cylinder features a high performance
'coil in coil' heat exchanger which will recover in less than half the
time taken by a coil that meets the British Standard. This high
performance coil provides greater energy efficiency and more
baths per hour.

Alloy sheathed immersion heaters
Every MegaLife HE is supplied with one or more tin plated Alloy
825 sheathed immersion heaters. Immersion heaters are
guaranteed for a period of 2 years.

Transferable 25-year guarantee
MegaLife HE is guaranteed a long operational life and with no
anode to inspect or replace maintenance costs are reduced.
All MegaLife HE units are backed by our transferable 25-year
cylinder guarantee as part of Heatrae Sadia's 'fit and forget
product programme.
Extending our fit & forget philosophy
Heatrae Sadia has long been synonymous with water heating
reliability. MegaLife HE now sets a demanding standard for the
operational life of vented water heaters - even in the most
aggressive water conditions. Backed by nationwide, on-site
service support, MegaLife's transferable 25-year cylinder
guarantee giving users absolute peace of mind.