The origins of Keston Heating has it's roots going back till 1928 originally formed as a Heating Installation company. These days Keston occupy a strong presence within the UK boiler manufacturers area and additionally manufacturer both domestic and commercial boilers and the Keston qSpa range of stainless steel unvented indirect cylinders. UK Plumbing are stockist for Keston Spares including Keston Air Vents, Keston Burners, Keston Diverter Valves, Keston Electrodes, Keston Expansion Vessels, Keston Fans, Keston Gas Valves, Keston Gauges, Keston Heat Exchangers, Keston PCB's & Electronics, Keston Pressure Switches, Keston Pressure Valves, Keston Pumps, Keston Thermostats, Keston Miscellaneous. You can use the links above to navigate direct to the Keston spare required or if you know the Keston part reference of the spare you can use the search facility but if you require assistance in locating the spare required then please contact us and we will be pleased to advise.