John Guest Speedfit 15mm Stop End
John Guest

John Guest Speedfit 15mm Stop End

John Guest

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John Guest Speedfit 15mm Stop End

John Guest Speedfit PSE4615W 15mm Stop End

The unique feature of the Speedfit concept, the ability to disconnect the fitting should you want to, means the Speedfit Stop End not only provides a leakproof seal, but can be readily removed to allow work to restart or to allow an extension to a system. Thus, the fitting is especially useful to allow water to be turned back on, overnight for instance, or if a job has to be interrupted for another reason.Stop Ends are also useful when pressure testing a system before appliances are connected.

John Guest Speedfit System Benefits
  • Installation time reduced.
  • Truly demountable without damage to pipe or fitting.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • No risk of fire or flames from a blowtorch.
  • Easier to work in confined places.
  • Corrosion free.
  • No scale build up.
  • John Guest Speedfit Connections

JG Speedfit is a push-fit plumbing system suitable for normal domestic hot and cold water services and central heating applications, including pressurised and combi systems. Speedfit Fittings have been designed for use with both Speedfit and copper pipe, in diameters of 10mm to 28mm.