Horstmann ThermoPlus PRT1 Programmable Room Thermostat

Horstmann ThermoPlus PRT1 Programmable Room Thermostat


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Horstmann ThermoPlus PRT1 Programmable Room Thermostat

Horstmann ThermoPlus PRT1 Programmable Room Thermostat

  • Hypothermia Protection
  • Warm/Cool Braille markings
  • Simple 3 button operation
  • LED warm /cool display
  • Pre-set clock with battery back-up
  • Automatic Summer / Winter time changes
  • 5 Pre-set heating profiles
  • ThermPlus PRT1 Data Sheet

Mains Powered Programmable Room Thermostat

One of a range of Thermoplus programmable thermostats, Designed to provide an economical but comfortable pattern of heating withouth the need for complex adjustments by the user. With built in hypothermia protection the PRT1 is designed specifically for vulnerable and older users.

For day-to-day use only 3 buttons are needed.The centre 'WARM/COOL' button,complete with Braille markings,changes the temperature state and the '+' and '-' buttons provide fine user adjustment as well as audible feedback.Each adjustment is immediately reflected in changes to the bright red and blue LED display.

Using a variety of pre-installed heating profiles,that can be easily set up by the installer,and a minimum cool setting of 15c,the Theroplus aims to provide maximum comfort to the user and protection from hypothermia.Under the flap the blue standby button will put the control into a 'frost protection' mode until re-activated.

The built-in clock is programmed to the correct time during manufacture and a built-in calendar will automatically adjust for summer and winter time changes,so there's never any need for user adjustment.And,as the PRT1 is mains operated,there are no batteries to change.


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I am looking for a room thermostat for my mother (who is blind!) Can you
recommend one that either gives an audible 'click' as  you turn the dial to
adjust the temperature OR one that speaks to you?  As she is blind it must be
as simple to use as possible.


Thank you for your enquiry - Unfortunately we do not stock any talking room thermostats,
the only thermostat that may be of use is the Horstmann PRT1 which has Warm/Cool Braille
markings as well as am audible feedback.