Honeywell EA122 Automatic Air Vent

Honeywell EA122 Automatic Air Vent


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Honeywell EA122 Automatic Air Vent

  • Integral stop valve.Enables seat to be cleaned without draining the system.
  • Vacuum break ensures air collection.
  • Simple service and cleaning.
  • 1/8' BSP and 3/8' BSP connections.
  • Expanding discs under cap prevent leaks due to dirt under the seat.
  • 3/8' to 1/2' adaptor.
  • details for EA122

The Automatic Air Vent EA122 is suitable for heating systems and other hot water systems (not potable water) which require the efficient automatic removal of air from water. The vacuum break on the bottom of the valve prevents an air lock forming and encourages air to be released from water. The air vent can be fitted anywhere in the positive pressure side of the system where air is likely to be trapped.


The EA122 should be installed at any point in the system where air collects. To ensure efficient operation when installed on a horizontal pipe run, a short upstand should be provided so that the vacuum break is not in the water flow.

The vacuum break enables the air to be released more easily by providing separate pathways into the valve enabling water to flow out as air enters.

The body can be twisted against the brass base and the integral stop valve will shut off the water flow. This enables the cover valve and float to be removed for inspection and cleaning.

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Hi - Would this product Honeywell EA122 Automatic Air Vent fit on to a 15mm copper pipe?


Thank you for your reply - Please find the page link for the Honeywell Automatic air vent also for the adaptor to 15mm I will add a bush from the 3/8 - 1/2" which will then mean that you will be able to fit on 15mm pipe.