Honeywell DU145B 22MM Automatic Bypass Valve

Honeywell DU145B 22MM Automatic Bypass Valve


Product Code: DU145-3/4B

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Honeywell DU145B 22MM Automatic Bypass Valve

  • Unique and simple adjustment mechanism.
  • High capacity flow up to 50 litres per minute.
  • Wide differential pressure range 0.1 bar to 0.6 bar.
  • 22mm Compression fittings for ease of installation.
  • Reduces system noise and maintains an even system pressure.
  • Ensures constant flow through boiler.
  • Lockable set pressure prevents inadvertent adjustment.
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The DU145 Automatic Bypass Valve is suitable for all heating systems up to 6 bar static pressure where a boiler bypass is required or radiator thermostats are fitted. The DU145 provides a simple method of ensuring adequate flow through boilers which require a bypass as well as reducing system noise.

In systems fitted with radiator thermostats, the DU145 Automatic Bypass Valve opens automatically as the TRVs or zone valves close down and the resistance of the system starts to exceed the preset pressure limit.

Automatic bypass valves are particularly beneficial in improving efficiency by bypassing the system when necessary and also improving control of the system fitted with TRVs by ensuring a constant differential pressure across the radiator.