Honeywell CM907 Programmable Room Thermostat 7 Day (Wired)

Honeywell CM907 Programmable Room Thermostat 7 Day (Wired)


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Honeywell CM907 Programmable Room Thermostat 7 Day (Wired)

Replacement for the Honeywell CM67 Room Thermostat (Wired)

  • Attractive, slim, ultra-modern styling makes it ideal for location in any type of home.
  • 7-day heating program.
  • A dynamic text display on the LCD that gives enhanced feedback to the user / installer.
  • LCD Backlighting to illuminate the display for easier viewing in low light conditions.
  • Automatic Summer / Winter time change adjusts the time automatically to daylight saving time.
  • AM-PM or 24hr time display.
  • Operator manual for CM907
  • Specification sheet for CM907

The CM900 (CM907 or CM901) is a modern programmable room thermostat based on Honeywell's proven CM60 programming philosophy. To further improve the ease of use and assist installation, this product includes an extra large LCD display with backlighting, a dynamic text display and an 'OK' button.

Used for general purpose control of boilers, zone valves, circulation pumps, thermal actuators, electric heaters, heat pumps etc. in heating or cooling systems.

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We have a valliant eco tec pro 28  (whole new system was installed) pipes, rads etc 3 years ago.
We have a iflo wireless same to the drayton +2rf and despite change
batteries etc the timing has gone hey wire, sometimes it doesnt come on, and
sometimes it does there doesnt seem to be any pattern, I have re commision
it, the lights come on the receiver etc just not always firing at the boiler
only for the central heating.. Water is fine..
It is due for a annual service but we are not sure to pay out for a new
wireless or could it be the boiler seems from the receiver to the firing as
the signals have all be rechecked, did work for the 1st year etc only the
CENTRAL HEATING problem any advice, as I did reboot form the bioler, then
few hours later it kicked in...
Any models or hard wire therm... controls that could be more reliable for
our model???? ECO TEC PRO 28 many thanks


Thank you for your reply - If you require the Vaillant wireless programmable room thermostat control then or if you require a hard wired programmable thermostat then