Hep2O 10MM Barrier Pipe - 100 Metre Coil

Hep2O 10MM Barrier Pipe - 100 Metre Coil


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Hep2O 10MM Barrier Pipe - 100 Metre Coil

Next Generation Hep20 HXX10010W Polybutylene Pipe

Packed with revolutionary unique new features, In4Sure™ joint recognition that actually tells you when pipes are fully inserted and the HepKey™ demounting system provides super-secure but fully demountable joints, Hep2O is quicker, more reliable and easier to use than ever before.

Not everything has changed. The much-praised Hep2O pipe remains the same, all except for the colour. It's still exceptionally flexible and still comes off the coil in straight useable lengthsthat can easily be cabled into position. The only thing that's changed is the colour. Now in white to match the new fittings, exposed areas of pipe work now look clean and more attractive.

Standard pipe.

  • Suitable for domestic hot/cold water and heating applications.
  • When used for heating, a suitable inhibitor such as Sentinel or Fernox MB1 should be used.

Barrier pipe.

  • Designed for central heating systems.
  • Incorporates an oxygen barrier to inhibit oxygen permeation.
  • Use of inhibitors are recommended as corrosion can occur in all types of system regardless of pipe material.
  • May also be used for domestic hot and cold water services.

Note: Hep20 pipe is not suitable for conveying gas, oil or underground supplies.