Heatrae Sadia Supreme 150 Stainless Steel Boiling Water Unit

Heatrae Sadia Supreme 150 Stainless Steel Boiling Water Unit


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Heatrae Sadia Supreme 150 Stainless Steel Boiling Water Unit

  • Intelliboil Plus technology for the efficient management of the boiling cycle.
  • Easy installation with auto-commissioning.
  • Integral electronic water conditioner makes.
  • Supreme SS less prone to scale.
  • 'Ready' indicator confirms when ready for use.
  • Engineering grade thermoplastic water container.
  • Detachable steam condensing chamber for easy service access.
  • Modular construction ensures easy maintenance.
  • Retains same footprint, service connections and wall fixings as previous models.
  • Satin chrome finished heavy duty die-cast push/pull lever for controlled boiling water delivery.
  • Fingerprint resistant stainless steel outer casing.
  • BEAB approved.
  • kiwa approved to UK Water Supply Regulations.
  • Up to 45 cups immediate draw-off.
  • depending on model (150-180 cups per hour based on 167ml cup).
  • Two-year on-site parts and labour guarantee.
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    Heatrae Sadia?s range of boiling water products are now available in an ultra modern fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish and comes in three capacities (2.5 litre, 5.0 litre and 7.5 litre).

    Heatrae Sadia?s Supreme ranges offer users the ultimate in boiling water solutions.
    How much time is wasted every day by staff filling a kettle and waiting for it to heat up?
    Is it 30 minutes, an hour, more? After putting a value on that time it?s easy to calculate
    how much it costs in a year ? just to boil a kettle. Supreme eliminates this waste of time
    and money by providing a constant supply of boiling water on demand (up to 240 cups
    of boiling water can be drawn off at any one time ? depending on model).

    Unlike traditional vending machines, Supreme offers users the opportunity to make an
    unlimited choice of hot drinks, soups, instant pasta snacks and anything that requires
    boiling water without many of the associated waste and maintenance issues.

    Supreme is environmentally friendly. Steam generated during
    the boiling cycle collects as water droplets across the
    condensing chamber before dropping down, for recycling, into
    the water container. This not only conserves energy but ensures
    that the area around Supreme remains totally steam-free.
    Intelliboil?Plus is a patented control system for managing the
    efficiency of Supreme?s boiling cycle. It regularly brings the
    contents of the water container to the boil in response to
    ongoing user demand. However, when there has been no draw
    off for a period of one hour, Intelliboil?Plus steps back the stored
    water temperature. This avoids unnecessary boiling - possibly for
    a number of hours or even days - until there is renewed user
    demand. When this occurs, the boiling cycle resumes.

    Built to last even longer Supreme?s water containers have been
    designed to withstand the rigours of boiling water. Setting a high
    standard in resistance to scaling and corrosion. In addition
    special, low watts density, Superloy immersion heaters are used
    for longer life expectancy.
    Installing Supreme is now easier than ever. Pipework is simple
    to connect using push-fit fittings. Electrical connections are
    straightforward and commissioning is now fully automatic. LEDs
    inform the installer when the commissioning process is complete
    and the unit is ready for use. A hook-on wall bracket makes
    mounting quick and easy.
    Easy to service and descale, Supreme?s integral water
    conditioner reduces the rate of limescale formation in even the
    most extreme water conditions. However, in serious cases, the
    eventual scale formation may still require removal. To make this
    task quick and easy, Supreme 140 - 180 SS has a detachable
    steam condensing chamber. Once removed this offers full access
    to the entire water container. Supreme 220 SS - 560 SS are
    designed to be swung away from the wall for easy access to the
    element plate for scale removal.

    Research shows that many Supreme users switch their units off
    at weekends, and sometimes overnight, to comply with in-house
    procedures. When Supreme is switched on again, the
    ?Temperature Ready? indicator confirms when the contents have
    reached the correct temperature.
    When water boils, problems caused by limescale increase.
    Water hardness, and the resulting scale formation from boiling,
    varies significantly throughout the country. In any location, water
    quality can differ from time to time as supply sources are
    As the UK market leader in boiling water technology, Heatrae
    Sadia has developed an electromagnetic wave generator to
    reduce limescale formation. This integral unit produces a
    variable frequency signal that is transmitted into the cold water
    supply entering Supreme. This treatment alters the structure of
    calcium carbonate ions contained in the incoming water. As a
    result, when boiled, they tend not to precipitate onto hot
    internal surfaces. Instead they remain suspended, harmlessly, in
    the water. This continuous process does not soften the water, is
    totally taint free and has proven effective in a wide variety of
    water conditions.