Heatrae Sadia 15L 4.5KW Multipoint Water Heater

Heatrae Sadia 15L 4.5KW Multipoint Water Heater


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Heatrae Sadia 15L 4.5KW Multipoint Water Heater

  • Five-year inner container guarantee.
  • 10 and 15 litre capacities.
  • Choice of 3kW and fast recovery 4.5kW ratings.
  • Heavy gauge copper inner container.
  • Externally adjustable thermostat 10-70°C max - lockable in hot or mid-range position.
  • Replaceable long-life alloy sheathed element.
  • Element 'ON' indicator.
  • Supplied complete with tundish and service valve.
  • No anode to inspect or replace.
  • Suitable for use with any standard mixer or tap.
  • Fitted with 1 metre of 3-core cable.
  • Supplied with easy-fit wall-mounting bracket.
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Unvented systems are now in widespread use and their benefits are recognised by both
specifiers, installers and end users. Fed directly from the cold water mains supply, they
offer a number of benefits compared to conventional vented systems.

Mains pressure and high flow rates at all hot taps
Balanced hot/cold water supplies
Ideal for multi-basin installations
Flexible siting - no need for cold water cistern
Can be used with standard taps
Heatrae Sadia's small unvented range has products to suit all
applications from a single basin to five high usage basins or
seven low usage basins.

Multipoint 10/15 FOR UP TO THREE BASINS

Multipoint is the market-leading range of small unvented
water heaters and is ideal for any situation where a single heater
is required to service the needs of multiple outlets. Multipoint is
supplied with a factory-fitted temperature and pressure relief
valve, is quick and easy to install and is offered in a wide range
of capacities and ratings.
High-grade copper is used for the Multipoint inner container
because of its optimum performance in terms of durability and
corrosion resistance. Copper requires no sacrificial anode and
therefore avoids the need for regular inspection and
replacement. Unlike other lesser grade materials, it also
withstands shock and vibration during delivery, installation
and maintenance.

Accessories supplied with all units
Factory-fitted temperature & pressure relief valve
Easy-fit wall-mounting bracket
Discharge funnel (tundish)
Service valve



Product Number(s):
95:050:143 - 10 litre 3kW
95:050:145 - 10 litre 4.5kW
95:050:144 - 15 litre 3 kW
95:050:146 - 15 litre 4.5kW
95:970:352 - Accessory Pack U1
95:970:351 - Accessory Pack U2
95:970:354 - Accessory Pack U3

BEAB and WBS approved.
Manufactured in the UK in a BS EN ISO 9002 registered factory.

10 and 15 litre.

Outer Casing:
White plastic top moulding with corrosion-proof steel base and centre section, finished in white stove-enamel.

Multipoint 10/15:3.0kW, 4.5kW @ 240V.
Multipoint 10/15:2.8kW, 4.1kW @ 230V.

Safety Features:
Factory-fitted temperature and pressure relief valve opens at 7 bar (100 psi) or 90°C.
Resettable over-temperature cut-out.

Thermal Insulation:
CFC/HCFC free (ODP Zero) expanded polystyrene.

Thermostat Spec:
Rod-type externally adjustable from 10°C to 70°C, lockable in hot or mid-range position.

Water Container:
Replaceable heavy gauge copper inner container, designed for 6 bar (87psi) working pressure and type tested to 20 bar (290 psi).


Normally dispatched within 1 - 2 working days


Hi – I want to offer a Multipoint Heatrae 15L/4.5 Kw to my customer. But there is just one pipe for the outlet in the installation place and the diversion for three basins is far from the boiler. Will it work for 3 taps???


Thank you for your enquiry - Please find product page link for the Heatrae 4.5KW Multipoint 15 Litre
Certainly this is suitable for supplying 3 basins - I have attached the installation manual for further information which shows installation requirements.