Fernox Protector Test Kit

Fernox Protector Test Kit


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Fernox Protector Test Kit

  • Simple and accurate on-site testing of Fernox Protector concentration
  • Supplied in a heavy duty outer plastic case
  • At least 25 systems can be tested in full
  • Suitable for testing all Fernox Protectors
  • Gives added security to diagnosis and treatment

General Instructions
The test kit is supplied with all the equipment and reagents required in determining the Protector levels of at least 25 systems. In order to obtain accurate results all equipment should be thoroughly rinsed with tap water after use. Prior to testing, rinse the sample tube with a portion of the water to be tested, then fill the test vial to the 10 ml mark. The test method is very simple to use and does not require any formal training.

Packaging, Handling and Storage
The Fernox Protector Test Kit is supplied as a complete test kit in an outer plastic carrying case, with full instructions and sufficient reagents to perform at least 25 system checks. The Fernox Protector Test Kit contains non-hazardous reagents. Refer to the risk and safety phases quoted on the reagent containers. Keep out of reach of children.