Fernox LP Sterox Water Treatment 1 Litre

Fernox LP Sterox Water Treatment 1 Litre


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Fernox LP Sterox Water Treatment 1 Litre

Fernox LP Sterox

  • Effective against legionella.
  • Effective against pseudomonas.
  • Kills bacteria and algae.
  • Non-foaming.
  • Compatible with other cooling tower chemicals.
  • Penetrates and removes biofilm.
  • Breakdown products are water and oxygen.
  • No neutralisation required in disinfecting tank.

LP Sterox is a stabilised aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide containing colloidal silver and other stabilising materials. As a water treatment biocide LP Sterox is unique in providing a very wide spectrum of biocidal activity. It will effectively treat all water borne bacteria and viruses. LP Sterox is particularly valuable in modern water system hygiene management where more conventional treatments are unsuitable.

Application and Dosage.

Tank Disinfection: Pre-disinfection at 3400 ppm of product (3.4 lits/m3 of system capacity). Spray walls with a 17% solution allowing 10 minute contact time. Post disinfection if required at 3400 ppm of product. Alternatively, product can be left to degrade naturally with no flushing or neutralisation.

Drinking Water: Emergency disinfection at 3400 ppm (3.4 litres per m3).

Low level disinfection achieved at 340 - 500 ppm.

Air Ductwork: Product can be sprayed/fogged neat into A/C ductwork to provide extended protection against microbial contamination.

Note: EC limit for silver is 80 ppb. (2000 ppm of product is equivalent to approx 65 ppb).