Drayton LP711 7 Day Time Switch

Drayton LP711 7 Day Time Switch


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Drayton LP711 7 Day Time Switch

  • New contemporary design.
  • Timeswitches are ideal for combination boilers and control of additional zones etc. (volt free contacts).
  • Now even easier to use.
  • Automatic summer/winter time change.
  • Memory saver programme and clock never need resetting in the event of loss of power.
  • Easy to read, backlit screen.
  • Proven reliability.
  • 3 timing periods per day.
  • Programme advance buttons.
  • Universal backplate.
  • Product Brochure
  • User Instructions

The Lifestyle LP Range of programmers and timeswitches has a well established reputation for quality and reliability. Now extra features make these popular products even easier to use for both installer and customer.

Uniquely in the controls market, the Lifestyle range now has automatic summer/winter time adjustment, making the bi-annual summer/winter manual reset a thing of the past.

In addition, the LP range has a new, highly accurate, preset clock, virtually eliminating the need for time adjustments through the product's life. The clock is pre-set at the factory, so installers can focus on completing other tasks instead of spending time setting or re-setting the clock during installation.

The new "memory saver" feature provides peace of mind for the user, especially in the event of power interruptions or power cuts. The time and programme memory are always saved, so Lifestyle LP users will never again need to search for their instructions to remember how to re-set or re-programme the clock.

A new, large, backlit display makes it easier to read the information on the controller - even if it is positioned in a dark airing cupboard.

Available to suit most combination and conventional boiler systems, the time controls allow up to three time periods per day. LED's give an instant indication of the unit's operational status, while advance buttons allow additional control over the set programme.

The LP range has large buttons and uncomplicated controls, and its streamlined design makes it one of the most visually appealing products in the market today.

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Hello - I currently have a Drayton Lifestyle LP111 for heating control but need to
change to LP522 for better control. Do these units have similar wiring and are they easily interchangeable?


Thank you for your enquiry - The LP522 is a two channel programmer for the idependant control
of heating and hot water where as the LP111 that you have is a single channel generally for the heating control only.
The LP111 is a standard 24 hour time switch and the natural upgrade is the 7 day operation time
switch the LP711 as


Hello – Potterton Electronic Timeswitch EP5002 7 Day. Product Code: 900134.
Does the programmer allow 3 DIFFERENT programs PER DAY  to be used


Thank you for your enquiry - Please find the page link for the Potterton EP5002 Programmer
Unfortunately this timeswitch only allows 2 on and offs per day.
The Drayton unit allows 3 as page link below