Drayton Frost Thermostat RTS3

Drayton Frost Thermostat RTS3


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Drayton Frost Thermostat RTS3

  • Range limiting steps
  • Set point locking
  • Surface or conduit box mounting
  • Double insulated
  • Setting Range 3°C - 10°C

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Hi – I am looking at a Drayton frost thermostat RTS3 on your web site. The text suggests that its settable rang is 3 -10 dec C but the picture shows a 10 - 30 deg C model. can you please clarify.


Thank you for your enquiry - Please find product page link for the Drayton frost thermostat RTS3
which has a range of 3 -10 deg C as attached Brochure. The image on the site is of a typical RTS thermostat.