Drayton 2 Port Zone Valve 22mm ZA5/679-2

Drayton 2 Port Zone Valve 22mm ZA5/679-2


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Drayton 2 Port Zone Valve 22mm ZA5/679-2

  • New 'snap-on' actuators can be removed at the push of a button.
  • 100% tight shut off.
  • Manual lever and valve position indicator.
  • Replaceable actuators.
  • Replaceable motors.
  • Simple industry-standard wiring.
  • Easily replaces most makes.
  • Product Data Sheet

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Hello - My plumber sent me this email below as I have two valves (about 15 years old) and one of them is sticking. Presumably, if we could just get two heads, it would save draining down our system. Please can you let me know if that is possible.


Thank you for your enquiry - Please find product page link for the Drayton 22mm zone valves
the newer style the "snap on" actuators are replaceable, although with the ZVA type they are not.
Only if you have the removeable actuator on your currrent valves then you can use