Danfoss RAV & RAVL Gland Seal

Danfoss RAV & RAVL Gland Seal


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Danfoss RAV & RAVL Gland Seal

Danfoss Gland Seal For RAV & RAVL Thermostatic Valves

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Hello – I am the person responsible for the maintenance of the Brackley Baptist church, all of our thermostatic  valves on our radiators had been broken over the years and I need to replace them
The valve replacement from what I can see is the Danfoss 013G295000 26mm diameter connection
I see mentioned that we should also look at replacing the gland - is this correct?
can you advise the cost of both - I would look to purchasing 1 set to see that all fits and then would look to purchasing a further 6 sets


Thank you for your enquiry - Please find product page link for Danfoss 013G295000 replacement sensors
to suit the RAVL Valve bodies, and for the Glands to suit