Danfoss Randall Programmable Room Thermostat TP5000RF Si

Danfoss Randall Programmable Room Thermostat TP5000RF Si


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Danfoss Randall Programmable Room Thermostat TP5000RF Si

TP5000RF Si Battery powered electronic programmable room thermostat with wireless communication offering up to six time and temperature changes per day. With built-in sensor and service interval timer.

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Hi - My central heating is divided into 3 zones. The rads are controlled by rad stats,but, these are unsatisfactory in as much they dont work. Therefore I am thinking about fitting wireless controls to each zone. On looking at your web site I came across model number RX3. I think this is just what I want.
Please advise if this item is suitable along with 3 room stats of different radio frequency, so not to confuse RX3. It is my intention to wire each channel of the RX3 into the motorised valves of the zone. Will this be O.K. Please give me a cost of these items and cost P & P to Southern Ireland.


Thank you for your enquiry  - Certainly the RX3 Receiver can be used with for example 3 RF room thermostats to control the 3 individual zones within your property. Please find product page link for the Danfoss Randall RF Room Thermostats TP5000 RF
and for the RX3 RF receiver
and for the additional shipping cost for sending by courier to Ireland, which you will need to add to your cart at time of ordering.