Danfoss Devimat DTIR-150 2.5 Square Metre 375W

Danfoss Devimat DTIR-150 2.5 Square Metre 375W


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Danfoss Devimat DTIR-150 2.5 Square Metre 375W

The devimat 150 Series is ideally suited to heating Tiled Concrete floors.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Choice of Room Thermostats.
  • Ultra thin, can fit within the thickness of the tile adhesive.
  • Supplementary heating for bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories etc., providing a comfortable warm floor surface.
  • Twin conductor cable - One cold tail.
  • Self adhesive.
  • 100% aluminium earth sheath.
  • Devi Underfloor Heating System Designer.
  • Devi Underfloor Heating Accessories.

DEVI introduced the devimat DTIR in 1996. The mat is still the best selling mat DEVI has produced.

The thinnest single conductor, just 2.5mm
Manufactured to the highest UK and European standards, (IEC-60-335-2-96), the devimat DTIR is the only thin heating cable on the market with a 100% aluminium earth sheathing. This is essential for compliance with earthing requirements for installation in wet areas such as bathrooms. Although the cable is thin it has an incredibly high mechanic strength which has been achieved by using a very strong PVDF outer sheath. The DTIR has a deformation strength of more than 600N, which ensures the cable is robust during installation.

The devimat DTIR is a self adhesive mesh, with ultra thin cable pre-attached. It comes in a full range of sizes, from 0.5m-12m and are available in both 100W and 150W per m2 for installation onto both concrete and timber floors. The mat is simply rolled out, cut and turned to fit the available free floor area and the chosen floor covering is then laid. As the cable is a twin conductor, there is no second tail to return to the thermostat, saving on installation time and cost. The system is best suited to the devireg 130 or 550.

The devimat heating mat consists of a self adhesive mesh, with an ultra thin cable pre-attached. As the mat has a twin conductor heating cable, there is no second tail to return to the thermostat, which ensures that installation is as quick and simple as possible, saving your time and cost. The mat is simply rolled out onto the floor, cut and turned to fit the free floor area.

Just one cold tail
The advantage of using a 2-conductor heat mat instead of a 1-conductor mat is first of all, that the 2-conductor mat is installed without returning the heating cable. This means, that the mounting of the mat is easier to plan and quicker to carry out.

The new Devimat? DTIR is as high-powered as it is thin. Devimat? DTIR is available in two variants: DTIR 100 with 100 W per m2, which is optimum suited for use under wooden floors and DTIR 150 with 150 W per m2, which is especially suited for mounting under tile floors. Devimat? DTIR is available in 15 variants in each class from 0,5 to 12 m2.
Thanks to an optimal thermal positioning in the floor and a precise temperature control system with a devireg thermostat, the average room temperature can be reduced 1-2°C compared with traditional radiator heating without influencing thermal comfort level. This means that the energy loss can be reduced up to 10 - 20%, which is both economically and environmentally beneficial. DEVI underfloor heating is also cheaper to install than other heating systems with similar capacities.

Use DEVI everywhere and under all surfaces
DEVI underfloor heating systems ensure a comfortable warm floor or room heat and are suitable for a variety of applications. Equally important is the fact that DEVI underfloor heating system can be installed in all types of floor whether they are new concrete floors, wooden floors or renovated floors.

Furnish your room as you please
DEVI floor heating system is invisible. By being hidden under the floor it gives exciting new possibilities for furnishing and interior design and the problem of space consuming and unattractive radiators no longer has to be considered.

DEVI comes with the most comprehensive warranty in the branch
DEVI systems are designed to last as long as the building in which they are installed - and that is without having to maintain them! This is why we provide you with a 10-year guarantee on our mats and cables.

Capital cost savings
Electric underfloor heating offers major capital cost savings, when compared with more traditional systems. As DEVI systems are 'fit and forget,' there's no need for expensive maintenance contracts, that are likely to be required with traditional systems.

If the system is used as a total heating solution, it is possible to lower the average room temperature by 2ºC without affecting the level of comfort. This means that heating can be reduced by around 20% - which is both an economic and an environmental advantage. As well as this - there is no need for gas or flues which removes the need to channel emmissions out of the building. This greatly simplifies the design process and provides a safe, clean and 100% efficient environment.

10 year warranty
DEVI underfloor heating is both quicker and more economical to install than other heating systems with corresponding capacity. The cables can be cast within the floor, installed between timber joists or laid directly on top of an existing floor before tiling. The system can be used under all types of floor covering, plus it is exceptionally robust and hard-wearing. That is why we provide you with a 10-year warranty on both heating cables and mats.

Total floor solutions
DEVI strive to ensure that the installation process is as efficient as possible. Working closely with a number of other companies, we are able to offer a total solution for your project, encompassing the work of three trades; insulation, heating installation and screed. As well as providing one point of responsibility, this means that the build programme can be streamlined in order to achieve the highest level of efficiency. As an example, in a typical week, we would prepare the floor on a Monday and Tuesday, install the heating cables on Wednesday and Thursday and screed on Friday.



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