Altecnic 12 Litre Robokit Extra

Altecnic 12 Litre Robokit Extra


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Altecnic 12 Litre Robokit Extra

  • Sealed System filling kit comprising of: Expansion Vessel, Filling Loop, Safety Relief Valve complete with gauge, mounting bracket to suit up to 24 litre capacity and connecting T piece.
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The Vessel
Altecnic's range of expansion vessels conforms
to the requirements of BS4814. Constructed in
two halves joined by a peripheral rolled seam.
During the seaming, the edge of the diaphragm
is enfolded to locate it into the vessel to make
a sound joint.
The water side is provided with a threaded
spigot, for the expansion pipe. The air side has
an air charged valve of the kind used on tyres,
protected by a large plastic cap. The standard
finish is an epoxy coated red. The maximum
working pressure is 4 bar and the maximum
system temperature is 110oC.

The Quattro
Altecnic have produced a neat, simple four way connector to
make the installation as simple as possible.The quattro facilitates
the connection of the water inlet, safety valve, pressure vessel
and the system. It is supplied complete with double check valve
and only requires the Robofill to complete the installation. The unit
has been designed to accept 'O' ring connections from
flexible hoses and is supported with 15mm nut and
olive connection for ease of installation. The
quattro is the only four way connection which
gives the installer the possibility for either left or
right installation on the system.

The Safety Valve
Altecnic's range of safety valves is available in a
range of sizes from 1/2? to 1? bsp and are
available with either male or female
For use with domestic installations Altecnic's
range comes complete with
nut and olive to make it easy for the
installer to fix the discharge pipe without
the need for necessary ?expensive fittings?.
The Altecnic range of safety valves is
the leading safety valves used by all
manufacturers in the UK. The valves
used on the domestic range are fully
WRc approved.

Mounting Bracket
A robust, heavy epoxy coated mounting
bracket, which allows you to positively
mount the expansion vessel, not leaving it
hanging on the pipework.
The bracket is designed to fit the Altecnic
range of expansion tanks, up to 25 litres.