15MM Scalemaster Digisonic DS10 Inhibitor
Daw Scalemaster

15MM Scalemaster Digisonic DS10 Inhibitor

Daw Scalemaster

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15MM Scalemaster Digisonic DS10 Inhibitor

  • 24 Hour Digital Protection
  • Simple to fit - no tools required, no pipes to cut
  • 2 Year Guarantee

Cutting through a water pipe whilst a relatively straight forward operation requires in most instances the services of a plumber. Digisonic DS10 with its self wind facility allows for digital scale protection without the need to cut a pipe.

Over recent years numerous scientific reports have supported the theory of limescale protection using electromagnetic waves.

The transfer from theory to fact is now well under way with many satisfied customers who have purchased electronic protection products.

How electromagnetic waves treat limescale is quite complex with numerous theories put forward producing debate amongst scientists. However the general consensus of opinion in the industry is that they do work and work well. We further make the point that most people do not understand microwave technology but enjoy the benefits of a microwave oven.

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Hi I want to fit a Scalemaster DS10 but cannot see any fitting instructions, can you help.


Thank you for your enquiry - Please find product page link for the Digisonic DS10
I have attached the specification sheet - Very simple to fit, basically needs to be sited near
a plug socket to power the unit and the cable then winds around the water pipe.