Vaillant 130324 PCB

Vaillant 130324 PCB


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Vaillant 130324 PCB

Vaillant 130324 Printed Circuit Board

  • Used in Vaillant VCW 221, VCW 240, VCW 280 Boilers


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Hello – The pcb on my Vaillant Thermocompact VC240 is burnt out and I am looking for a replacement PCB. The item you have listed for this boiler is- Vaillant PCB 130324 - and looks exactly the same as the one in my boiler.The only doubt I have is the part number, on my PCB on the left top corner there are 6 numbers: 130282,130283,130302,130308 and 130309
Are we dealing with the same replacement PCB or a compatible one?


Thank you for your enquiry - Please find product page link for the vaillant PCB 130324 which also has the same
part numbers on the top left of the PCB