Tapworks  Domestic Water Softener AD11

Tapworks Domestic Water Softener AD11


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Tapworks Domestic Water Softener AD11

Tapworks Water Softener For Households Of Up To 5 People.

  • Up to 32% cheaper to run than alternative softeners.
  • High flow rates as standard, for unvented systems.
  • Remote telephone diagnostics facility for service efficiency.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • 2 year parts warranty.
  • 2 year labour warranty.
  • 10 year warranty on resin vessel.
  • Tapworks Technical Data.
  • Tapworks Installation & User Guide.

Tapworks most popular domestic water softener The AD11 eradicates hard water problems for good, producing litre upon litre of fresh, soft water each and every day of the year. Once installed, the AD11 transforms hard water into clean and reinvigorating soft water. The AD11 is ideal for the majority of households of up to 5 people.

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We are looking at purchasing the tapworks AD11 water softener.  Can you tell
me if this would be large enough capacity for our home which has 4 bathrooms
and two cloakrooms....we are a family of 4 but often have guests which means
there would be over 5 people using showers during that time. I see that the
water softener is up to 5 people using it, however does this just mean we
would put more salt in on those ocassion’s we have more people using it?  We
prefer the smaller size if this would work.


Please find product page link for  the Tapworks AD11 water softener


Certainly based on your normal person occupancy the AD11 will be suitable for your needs and this is rated against normal usage per person of 160 litres of water per person per day and so if more water than this is used on occasions then this simply means that you may have to add more salt.