Honeywell 40003916-002 Replacement Powerhead for V4044

Honeywell 40003916-002 Replacement Powerhead for V4044


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Honeywell 40003916-002 Replacement Powerhead for V4044

  • Replacement powerhead for use with the Honeywell V4044 Diverter Valves.
  • Power head assembly can be replaced without drain down.
  • 40003916 Product Brochure


The 40003916 power heads enable the complete power head assembly to be replaced, without draining down, on V4044 series valves.

On older style valves, which did not have the replaceable head feature, the adaptor plate assembly can be used to upgrade the valves to allow the replaceable power head to be used.


When making a like for like replacement of the power head only,ensure that the Auto/Manual lever on both the installed and replacementpower heads is in the Manual position.The power head is held to the valve body with two fixing screws which areheld captive in the power head base. If upgrading an older style valve it willbe necessary to drain the system water level to below the zone valve.The adaptor plate assembly is held in position by four screws (supplied).

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Hi – Question 1. Do you supply a Honeywell valve reference number V8043A1029? QUESTION 2. What is the delivery time for 20 x 40003918-006 and 5 x 40003916-002 I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for your enquiry - Please find product page link for the Honeywell 40003916-002 Powerhead.
Also page link for the 40003918-006 Plate & Ball assemblies
which if ordered before 3.30pm tomorrow can be dispatched the following day by courier
Unfortunately the Honeywell valve V8043A1029 is not a UK specification valve and not available to us.