Dimplex Skirting Convector Heater EVS150

Dimplex Skirting Convector Heater EVS150


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Dimplex Skirting Convector Heater EVS150

Dimplex EVS150 Skirting Convector Heater

  • Low profile construction only 220mm high, ideal where wall height is restricted.
  • Electronic thermostat accurate to +/-0.1° C to maintain a very stable room temperature.
  • Adjustable economy "background" setting to reduce room temperature when room is unoccupied. This provides better comfort levels, faster warm-up and also protects the building structure and contents against frost and condensation.
  • Frost protection/holiday setting.
  • Splash-proof (IPX4 rated) for use in bathrooms and wet areas.
  • Lockable dust cover to protect controls.
  • Compatible with Dimplex single or 4-zone multi heater programmers.
  • Unique "silent" finned element design.
  • Stylish one piece front panel with forward facing grille for better heat circulation.
  • EVS Range Brochure.

Low profile EVS electronic panel convector heaters provide the ideal solution where wall height is restricted, for example conservatories.

Featuring electronic thermostats and background temperature controls, the Dimplex EVS range provides accurate regulation of room temperatures, essential for comfort and economy, especially where panel convectors provide the sole source of heat.

Incorporating a sensitive electronic thermostat and unique finned element design, the Dimplex EVS range can be used as a stand alone heater or alternatively controlled remotely via pilot wire or mains borne signalling.

Optional programming cassettes or wall mounted central control units allow fully programmable control for up to 20 heaters.