Consort Ecozone Cirrus Air Cleaner Grey
Consort Claudgen

Consort Ecozone Cirrus Air Cleaner Grey

Consort Claudgen

Product Code: PACIR20G

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Consort Ecozone Cirrus Air Cleaner Grey

Consort Ecozone Cirrus PACIR20G

  • Removes smoke, pollen and dust.
  • Optional deodourising system.
  • Very low running costs.
  • Supplied with mounting plate for easy fixing.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Three fan speeds.
  • Infrared remote control.
  • Dimensions (mm): H: 185 D: 475 W: 475
  • Consort Cirrus Manual.

The Ecozone range of electronic air purifiers incorporate dual methods of air purification including a polarised filter to eliminate most airborne particles including dust, pollen and tobacco smoke. Particles as small as 0.1 micron (a human hair is 100 micron) are attracted to the polarised screen and caught in the highly efficient combination of micro filters. The Ecozone range also has an optional ozone deodorizing system. This system creates small controlled quantities of ozone which react against odours and bacteria, destroying many of the 4000 chemicals produced from tobacco smoke. This reaction converts the ozone back to oxygen with no residual odour, leaving your indoor air with outdoor air quality.

The Ecozone incorporates three fan speeds to suit varying conditions. The fan is activated by an infrared remote control with lights on the unit indicating the fan speed, further enhancing the Ecozone's user-friendly characteristics. Available in two sizes, the Ecozone Cumulus is the largest and suitable for use in pubs/clubs and commercial premises. The Ecozone Cirrus is a small unit suitable for more targeted areas such as 'smoking rooms' and the smaller office.