Albion Superduty Indirect Hot Water Cylinder CF120

Albion Superduty Indirect Hot Water Cylinder CF120


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Albion Superduty Indirect Hot Water Cylinder CF120

Albion Superduty Indirect Hot Water Cylinder 900x450mm Foam Lagged

  • Height: 900mm
  • Diameter: 450mm (Bare size before lagging)
  • Superduty CF120: Plenty of hot water for larger baths or twin bathroom properties. 
  • Ultra fast recovery of hot water allows for a
    reduction in cylinder size.
  • The installation of a Superduty will reduce boiler
    operating times and cycling periods resulting in
    savings of up to 40% compared with systems using conventional indirect cylinders.
  • Water Capacity: 120 litres
  • All cylinders are insulated with Albions unique CFC free polyurethane foam.
  • Albion Superduty Cylinder Brochure


Unlike a conventional cylinder which utilises a single 28mm diameter coil, Superduty multicoils are engineered with a manifold which divides into four coiled tubes. This arrangement ensures that far more water is in contact with the copper wall of the heat exchanger, dramatically improving heat transfer between primary and secondary waters.
The Superduty Multicoil heat exchanger is proven to provide cost effective operation and performance, unparalleled in systems of this type.

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Hello  –  I note the diameters of the Albion Superduty CF45 and CF80 are 350mm and 400mm respectively before lagging. Can you please tell me the diameters including lagging?


Thank you for your enquiry - The Superduty cylinders have 50mm foam lagging
which adds about 100mm to the diameter. Please find the full specification sheet below (page 9)